Originally designed and marketed to high-scale resorts, the two Ozeri tower fans looks snazzy. There is the 3x model and the Ultra 42 model to choose from, with a list of features that are quite perfunctory. These tower fans offer three variable speeds: low, medium, and high. These are oscillating tower fans with 90 degrees of coverage. There are three preprogrammed airflow patterns, which the company asserting will help you sleep, relax or simply be comforted. You can use the 12-hour timer that can be programmed for any length of time between one and 12 hours. There's a remote control as well, with built-in storage on the fan. There is no air-ionizing feature.

The Ozeri Ultra 42 has an integrated carrying handle for ease of use, but the 3x model does not. The Ultra 42 stands 38 inches tall and is just more than 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It weighs 12 pounds. The Ozeri 3x is several inches larger, at 44 inches tall and 12 inches wide. It's only 3 inches deep, though, and weighs just less than 13 pounds.

The first email correspondence we had with Ozeri was answered later the same day. Then the follow-up question went unanswered for many days. We called customer support after getting a phone number from the email response, because it's not available on the website. The representative said we'd get a call with the information we wanted. Nothing came of this, and we sent another email asking for a response. It was never answered. This is only our experience with Ozeri's support team, but we were let down by it.

Information on the specific noise level (dBA) Ozeri's fans emit is unavailable. It's the same case with the fans' CFM (cubic feet per minute), so there is no data to compare these fans to others in the industry in terms of strength and loudness.

If you visit the Ozeri website, you'll see that there is much to be desired. It clearly hasn't been updated in some time and doesn't even include some of the company's better-selling products, including the Ultra 42. As mentioned, there is no phone number, but there is also no owner's manual to download, no FAQs page and no live chat support. A one-year warranty does come standard with both fans.

Ozeri Tower Fans Summary:

Most of the regular features are present on these tower fans, and they are easy on the eyes. However, the absolute lack of support and available information makes it difficult to recommend Ozeri tower fans.

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Ozeri Tower Fans

Ozeri tower fans have oscillation, a timer, a remote control and stylish design.

No information is available to measure how powerful or noisy the tower fan is. The help and support is paper thin.

The Verdict
: 7.5/10

Ozeri tower fans offer nothing unique but are a trusted brand among tower fan enthusiasts.